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Armstrong Atlantic State University -MA in history with a concentration in Public History (11/21/2010)

Columbia University -MS in Historic Preservation (11/21/2010)

The Public History Resource Center seeks to curate the field of public history, particularly as it is exercised on the Web, by providing a structure of information which contextualizes and supports the field. provides descriptive and analytical annotations of resources in the field, as well as original essays. The site contains: a working definition of public history; a short essay detailing one aspect of public history's history; descriptions of degree programs in public history and related fields; an exploration of various careers in the field; current job listings; criteria for evaluating public history Web sites; select reviews of public history Web sites; and more. The site's contributors have a diverse range of experiences in both the study and the practice of public history. PHRC is collaborative in nature. We welcome comments and contributions from those interested in the development of the field:

Hot Topics

  • "Digital Junction", the new article by PHRC's Managing Editors
    Published in the Sep. 2006 American Quarterly, this article discusses strategies for locating online primary sources, specifying a selection of Web sites as example starting places, and pointing out some of the particulars to consider when utilizing these resources.  Download "Digital Junction" (pdf)

  • Current Job Openings in Public History
    Obtain a strong applicant pool by reaching thousands of qualified individuals who frequent PHRC's Web site or subscribe to our Job Announcement Listserv. Submit your announcement nowView Current Listings  Join E-Job Listserv  

  • Public History degree programs, certificates, minors, etc.
    With more than 125 programs listed, this resource is a rich source of information for those wishing to advance their education.  We are continually updating our listings as additional programs come to our attention.   

  • Public History Web Site Rating System and Reviews of Sites
    The first and (as far as we know) the only Rating System designed explicitly for Web sites pertaining to historical delivery.  Used by the Museums and the Web 2006 Best of the Web judging guidelines, we have more than 80 full-length reviews--written by PH professionals and/or subject experts-- on the site utilizing the system. Of particular interest to educators are the three reviews in the "PHRC's Rating System in the Classroom" issue which features commentary by PHRC's editors and the professor of the students who wrote the reviews.  


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